Loose crocodile spotted swimming on Israel-Jordan border

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority said it is on the hunt for a loose crocodile spotted swimming in a river on the country’s border with Jordan.

The INPA said it was informed by the Israeli military that the crocodile had been spotted swimming in the Yarmuk River by the Jordanian Army, which informed Israel of the reptile’s presence.

The nature and parks authority said it is now planning nighttime searches of the river in the area southeast of Kinneret. Officials said the crocodile’s eyes reflect searchlights at night and the light temporarily blinds the creatures, making them easier to safely capture.

Officials said the animal is suspected to have escaped from a nearby farm in Hamat Gader, which is home to over 70 crocodiles.

The INPA said the crocodile is not believed to be a danger to nearly towns, as the river is protected by a border fence and crocodiles are known to prefer remaining in the water.